Papa George Gourmet Albacore and Seafoods


All along, the purpose of Papa George Gourmet was to offer you the best catch in the can. Thousands of cans and hundreds of Farmers Markets later, the last of our albacore, salmon, and crab will go out the door. Steve has fished for over fifty years, and I have been crewing, cooking, and packing seafood for nearly as long. We are going to put out our anchor and bring Papa George Gourmet to a close. We have a patch of oysters to nurture here on Lopez Island, and Steve continues to reef net for salmon in the summer. We are trying to retire and rest a little.

Most of all we look back on our customers, some of who have been loyal for twenty years, and feel grateful to all of you for keeping us on our toes, and for offering encouragement and patience. Thank you for a great run!




Steve & Holly Lovejoy - Easter Island


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*Remember to look for 5 gr. of fat on the label. Only that will tell you it is troll caught.


Papa George Gourmet Albacore

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